The Sims 4

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The Sims 4

It adeptly captures the notion that life can be short, filled with mundane tasks and responsibilities, and yet, it also offers a sense of wonder and excitement. In this digital world, you can find yourself grappling with adulthood, dealing with broken appliances, or even pondering over the mystery of life itself.

Gameplay: A Delicate Balance 

Playing The Sims 4 presents a careful balance between routine and spontaneity. The game follows a formulaic progression where hard work and labor result in an accumulation of possessions and capital. However, this repetitiveness is offset by the enhanced intelligence of the Sims. They are more articulate and have a wider range of emotions than ever before. This adds a layer of dynamism to their otherwise routine lives. However, the path to success in the game can be daunting. Bills are hefty, progress is slow, and life can be short, creating a challenging gaming environment.

Graphics: A Fresh Look

The graphics of The Sims 4 breathe fresh life into the series. The Sims are more expressive and diverse, and the world they inhabit is filled with beautiful neighborhoods and well-organized homes. The game offers a plethora of options for house construction, allowing you to play the roles of an architect, carpenter, and engineer simultaneously. Nevertheless, the game still has some quirks, such as the slightly levitating roofs and the fiddly nature of small spaces.

Features: A Smart Framework and Limitations

The Sims 4 introduces several innovative features that alter the behavior of the Sims. The game does an excellent job of integrating these elements, even though they may not always be compelling. The most notable addition is multitasking, which allows the Sims to do multiple tasks at the same time, making them appear more natural. However, there are some limitations. The Sims still require significant player guidance to make crucial life choices, and they can sometimes take too long to complete everyday tasks. Additionally, the game is prone to minor bugs, such as Sims struggling with navigation or ignoring queued commands.

The Sims 4 - A Comfortably Familiar Journey

In its essence, The Sims 4 is a polished and intelligent game that presents a familiar yet refreshing journey. It is a dangerous time sink, filled with countless tasks, aspirations, and items to unlock. While its slimmer structure may disappoint some dedicated players, they should remember that each new Sims game signifies a reset, and expansions are sure to follow. This game might not attract new players, but will satisfy many of its existing fans.


  • Enhanced intelligence of the Sims
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Innovative features such as multitasking


  • Slow progress
  • Requires significant player guidance for Sims' life choices
  • Prone to minor bugs

Graphics 8

Controls 8

Gameplay 7

Lasting Appeal 9

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