Square Enix Reveals Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Beta Details and Sneak Peek Animation

Square Enix recently shared a preview and plans for the beta version of their forthcoming mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. The official Square Enix YouTube channel featured a 90-second promotional clip, offering an insight into the gameplay. The footage highlighted the full 3D graphics and swift action that distinguish this Kingdom Hearts spinoff from its mobile predecessors. The video also featured glimpses of Scala and Caelum, the hub of power for the Keyblade wielders, which forms a crucial part of Missing-Link's narrative.

The closed beta testing schedule for the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link game was also revealed in the video. Applications for the beta test phase will be open from October 30 through November 19. The actual beta phase on iOS will take place from November 29 to December 8. An Android beta test period is also expected, slated for January 2024, but Square Enix has yet to announce an exact date. Interested players should note that they would need to accept the beta's terms of service, preventing any disclosure about the game's specifics, technology, or potential flaws discovered during the test.

Details about Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link's Closed Beta
Square Enix also shared guidelines for potential beta test applicants. Notably, only users located in the United Kingdom and Australia can apply, and their devices should be equipped with, or exceeding, iOS 15 or Android 10. The company further clarified that progress achieved in the closed beta phase wouldn't translate to the fully launched game, and transferring devices during the game's beta run would be disabled.

How Missing Link fits into the overarching Kingdom Hearts storyline across the generations remains a mystery. The focus on Scala and Caelum, and the Keyblade wielders has led fans to speculate that this series might lay the groundwork for the much-awaited next main installment, Kingdom Hearts IV. Director Tetsuya Nomura has suggested that the upcoming title might differ slightly from previous Kingdom Hearts games, but after the fans get a chance to immerse themselves in the play, they'd undoubtedly recognize it as a true Kingdom Hearts experience.

The official launch of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link on iOS and Android is scheduled for 2024, while Kingdom Hearts IV's official release date has not been revealed yet.

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