Pebble Watch Pro

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Pebble Watch Pro

Change styles, install and remove watch apps, receive updates, reminders, and alerts. Use Pebble Watch Pro to enlarge the range of your Pebble device functions.

Design and Usability 9/10

Pebble Watch Pro is a totally utilitarian application, which is designed to bring you the most convenient experience of setting up your smart watch. The whole app is divided into menus, such as time, settings, music and info. You can also see prerender of how certain tiles would look like on your watch display.

Key Functions 7/10

Pebble devices are quite simple themselves, but they provide the longest battery life on the market. It may be up to 9 days, which is quite a lot if you compare it to 1-3 days of other devices. Many users lack interface customization on their Pebble, so this app is made to change the situation. It allows you to download and install new firmware for Time, Time Steel, Classic and Time Round.

After getting the latest available updates, you can choose one of the multiple skins for Watch Face. There are some really catchy appearances. One of the most loved by users worldwide is the Mario theme. Additional skins are available for Weather Faces. Latest updates can use GPS all the time for a precise forecast.

Another great option is alerting. It includes alerts for battery level of your smartphone and Pebble, Twitter direct messages or new Tweets and information about 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection status.

You can use your Pebble to control FM Radio and Windows music player. Pebble Watch Pro provides controls to tune sound, skip, pause and play songs.

Unfortunately, there’s no option for connecting multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Tinder, Hangouts or Whatsapp to your Pebble.

Security 8/10

No security issues were recognized so far. Pebble Watch Pro requires access to your music library, contacts, messages, Twitter, Weather, GPS, and alarms. It’s totally secure because you don’t have to enter any passwords straight to Pebble. It simply uses system notifications to show them on your wrist.

Unfortunately, this application requires constant contact with your smart watch. It means, that if your phone battery runs out, your Pebble device turns into a useless trinket. Hopefully, it would be fixed soon.

In-app purchases

There are no in-app purchases in Pebble Watch Pro. You just have to buy it once to use the full package of functions. To feel sure whether you want to buy it or not, use a free 30-day trial.

The Verdict

This application is a great complementary software for you Pebble if you are bored with basic Face skins and lack some of the functions introduced in Pebble Watch Pro. It has more alerts, more precision, and definitely more style.


  • Constant GPS tracking
  • Latest Pebble firmware updates available
  • Many Watch Face skins.


  • It lacks some messengers compatibility
  • It requires constant smartphone Pebble app running with Bluetooth on. It doesn’t count steps.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 7

Security 8

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