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Design and Usability 9/10

TikTok is an application with simple but rather stylish interface. When you edit your video, you can choose one of the buttons, placed on the interface. They are flip, speed, beauty, filter, time and some others. At the bottom, there can be seen other buttons that are necessary for work with your profile. To record a video, you just need to press on a big circle. So, it's easy to interact with this application. 

Key Functions 8/10

It's possible to use this application without registration, but in this case, you can only scroll through the feed and watch popular videos. To subscribe to interesting people, set preferences and publish content, you will have to sign up. Authorization via social networks is available: Facebook, Instagram, and Google accounts may be used.

You can search for exciting videos and people by hashtag. In addition, in the search bar there will pop up actual tags.

One of the main features in Tik Tok is adding music in videos. After clicking on the special icon, you will see a list of songs. They are sorted by popularity and genre. The program also allows you to use the melodies, downloaded on the device.

Another useful feature is a QR code scanner that will help to subscribe to users quickly. In it, you also can view your personal QR-code and share it with other people. So, it's permissible to post it in other social networks.

Also, you can shoot reactions to other clips and make duets with people. It is possible to allow recording of such clips for everyone, for friends, or to limit this capability completely.

Security 10/10

Developers of the application take care of users' security. In your account, you can customize your profile, change the parameters of privacy and data integrity. There presents a possibility to create a video and deny access to others. Also, you can make such a profile video in which will be shown only to your friends and acquaintances.

Digital Wellbeing is a special parameter that can be customized by adults on the phones of their children. Here it's possible to set limits of time that can be spent in the application. Also, with help of this function parents may deny access to some videos.

TikTok wasn't implicated in any scandals that are connected with a data leak. So, if you want to use this application only for editing or recording videos, you can be sure that nobody will see these clips.

In-app purchases

This app is free, but you can buy coins. Use them for sending gifts to other users.

The Verdict

So, TikTok is a good application with a big variety of filters and possibilities. You can create and edit interesting clips, being sure that everything is secure. Also, there is no time for boredom in TikTok: it's possible to watch content from popular bloggers.


  • A big collection of music
  • Excellent adaptation for various devices
  • A whole bunch of effects and filters
  • The ability to slow down and speed up the video


  • Annoying ads
  • Many bugs

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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