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But you cannot escape that easy because Granny locked you in her house. Developers also let a player protect himself with a weapon. You have five days to escape the house. Otherwise, you will die. You can download Granny on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Graphics and Sound 5/10

Granny was ported from mobile devices on the PC, so the graphics look really bad. Nevertheless, your character will spend most of the time in darkness, so you can ignore the fact that graphics here are bad. The shaders are mediocre, and the Granny looks awful. It seems that she was made of a paper. Sounds in the game are scary and they provide you with the needed atmosphere of hopelessness and fear. There is no ongoing music, but some ambient appears in certain parts of the house.

Controls 10/10

You can easily get used to controls. If you are a PC player, then you can move your character with WASD buttons. To interact with objects tap the E button. You can watch the full list of key bindings in-game options. If you play this game on a mobile device, use left virtual stick to move. To run, fight, and interact with objects, you can tap a certain button. All the buttons are at the bottom right side of your mobile device. Controls won't be a problem for you.

Gameplay 7/10

Granny is a game that was ported from mobile devices on PC platform. The main objective is to find a way out of Granny's house. Your character will wake up in the middle of the night, so, first of all, you will have to find a flashlight for yourself. The door is locked, so you will have to find a key to escape. The Granny can hear you walking. To hide, you have to find a coffin or a wardrobe. If Granny saw you hiding in these objects, she will immediately kill you. Besides, some traps were set with the goal to catch you, so you need to be careful while walking. 

There are two ways to escape the house. The first is to find the key for the doors somehow. The second way is to start the car and drive away from the place. The vehicle is located in the garage. But you will have to make an effort to start the auto. Developers provided players with a few game modes (easy, normal, hard, extreme). Nevertheless, the plot is common for horror games - find a way out of a certain place. But the game might be exciting if you are a fan of the horror genre.

Lasting Appeal 4/10

You will probably have no desire to finish the game for the second time. After you escape the house, the game ends, so it may not be interesting to play Granny again. But you can always play it due because there are two ways to escape.

We recommend you to play Granny especially if you are a fan of indie horror games. Despite the bad graphics, the game can surely scare you because of creepy sounds and terrifying atmosphere.


  • Indie horror which many people will like


  • Common storyline
  • Bad graphics

Graphics 5

Controls 10

Gameplay 7

Lasting Appeal 4

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