Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V
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Grand Theft Auto V

In this world, every person, including you, is free to do anything without any restrictions.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

Graphics in GTA V is nearly ideal. Textures of high quality, soft shadows, ideal detailization of personages – everything can be found in this game. It's possible just to admire beautiful views for long hours. GTA V can be called the benchmark of good optimization due to which even owners of very weak computers can enjoy amazing gameplay.

In reference to sound, everything is also perfect. You can hear twitter of birds, cool music, fierce shooting and anything else. There is one small disadvantage: some cars in GTA V sound "wrong", not so as it was expected.

Controls 8/10

It's very easy to control the main characters. Anyway, you'll have to get used that there are many buttons for various actions. Except usual moving, shooting and running, it will be possible to drive a car and even jump with a parachute. If you don't want to use the control parameters, provided by the creators, you can change them at any time in the settings.

Gameplay 10/10

After the prologue, the main development of events begins – you start playing for Franklin who dreams of big money. It would seem cliché, however, not everything is so simple – further, it will be possible to open two other personages.

Presence of three main characters is already something new, but the developers decided that such an innovation would not be enough. So, when you don't want to follow the plot and commit crimes, there are a lot of different entertainments: tennis, strip club, customizing of cars, amusement park and much more.

A huge world is completely open to research and interaction with it: rushing along the highway, or exploring the city, you will meet random people who need your help. Some of them will thank you while others will be ready to go with you rob banks.

In this game, it's possible to buy buildings. Twenty-five of them are offered for sale in Los Santos and Blaine County. Trevor will get two buildings during the passage of the storyline campaign for free. However, it will not be possible to purchase all the objects only by one of the characters – some of them are available for special personages.

For the first time, game of this type has got an online mode that allows you to enjoy the game with friends. If you make a mess, the character will be able to act on servers only with the same hooligans.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

You won't give up on GTA V for months, and even years. There are too many things to do even after passing the campaign. Here you can do anything that you can't (or that is restricted by the law) in real life. So, lasting appeal in this perfect game is really high.

So, every person should try this legendary game. It's not just a simulator, it's a place of permissiveness and entertainment. Remember your favorite film about gangsters and imagine that you can take part in all its events. This is GTA V.


  • A huge game world
  • Lots of options, even if missions are over
  • Online mode
  • Colorful dialogues and cut scenes


  • For pleasant gameplay you need a good computer
  • For some people the game can be expensive

Graphics 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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