Dragon City

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Dragon City: Build and Breed!

The game is available for Android phones and tablets from Google Play. It is updated on a regular basis and currently has over 100,000,000 downloads.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The visuals in Dragon City are very colorful and instantly make you think of modern cartoons. While this style may not be for everybody, the game certainly looks well, and the dragon sprites are detailed enough to make you feel like every dragon has a unique personality to it. The audio effects and background music tracks may not be the most original ones, but they fit the gameplay and make the game a little more fun, which is their ultimate purpose.

Controls 8/10

You can use familiar gestures like tapping, pinching, and swiping to navigate your city. The menus are clearly laid out and easy to follow, so even inexperienced users should be able to control the game without any problems. The touch controls do get a little challenging on smaller screens, so a little more precision would improve the playing experience for people using older phones with small screens.

Gameplay 8/10

City-building games are great as they are, but what if you add adorable dragons to the mix? The result is Dragon City, where you can expand and develop your city to see it populated with more and more dragons. Of course, the population needs to grow, so you can also breed your dragons. With some luck and experience, you’ll be able to find “perfect matches” to produce cute dragon babies.

This game also has a social aspect, allowing you to visit friends’ cities and even communicate with them through the built-in chat. Since the chat is not moderated, it is a good idea for parents to make sure that their children are not using it. However, the friend-visiting feature is great, allowing players to have dragon-breeding fun with their friends.

Lasting Appeal 6/10

Playing Dragon City is fun and very enjoyable at first when all dragons are still new to you, and you have a lot left to explore. However, players who want games to keep them on their toes waiting for another cool feature or challenge to be revealed may find Dragon City a little too bland after the initial excitement. Still, it is fun to breed your own dragons, and the game is free, so you don’t lose anything if you don’t get hooked after the first several hours of breeding and exploration.

Build a City Full of Dragons

Dragon City is a great game for people who want to play something fun and casual every day before and after school or work. It will make you smile and feel joy when a new cute dragon is born as a result of your breeding attempts. There is no pressure to become the best or “kill them all,” providing a welcome contrast to many other popular mobile games. Check out Dragon City on Google Play and create a home for a unique population of dragons!


  • Fun, cartoon-style graphics
  • Over 100 dragons to breed
  • No energy bars or other paywalls


  • Probably a one-time play

Graphics 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 6

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