The Sims™ Mobile

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The Sims™ Mobile: The All-Time Real Life Simulation Favorite Comes to Mobile

This entertaining and addictive game offers players to create and evolve their characters, design and fit up their house, help them build relationships, promote careers, achieve various social and professional goals.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

With each new release within the franchise, the graphics have been improving steadily, but in the new mobile version of the game, I found the visuals to be a true joy. All 3D animations in the game look sleek and polished, and the color scheme in the new episode of the Sims series is delightfully rich.

Controls 8/10

The game is nicely optimized to play well on touchscreen devices, and its controls, although limited when compared to the full PC version, are very intuitive. The navigation here is straightforward: basically, it all comes to tapping on the screen to choose what you want your character to do next or sliding from side to side to adjust particular settings like colors, for example.

Gameplay 9/10

Like all the previous desktop and console versions of the game, the gameplay in the Sims™ Mobile revolves around your virtual family, whom you can customize as you deem fit to meet your very individual expectations. Your main goal in the game is to help your chosen characters advance through their virtual lives: make friends, build careers, initiate relationships, interact socially, etc. You also need to make sure that their everyday needs are taken good and timely care of, or there will be unwanted in-game consequences. The Sims™ Mobile places a great deal of focus on completing numerous small, time-limited quests and missions that allow you to earn virtual currency to spend on purchasing various stuff for your beloved avatars and their house.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

The game’s long-lasting appeal lies in its gameplay being so realistic and understandable. Most players can easily relate to what is happening on the screen at every particular moment of the time.

A More Realistic and Robust Mobile Interpretation of the Iconic PC Game

The mobile Sims adaptation evokes many sweet memories of the times when you would spend hours at your PC decorating your Sims house and helping characters to find a job or build a family. However, the mobile version has one distinct advantage, which is flexibility. It being mobile means you can play the game on the go and dive into the fantasy world that you have created whenever there is a couple of minutes free from work or study. Download The Sims™ Mobile now and begin building the life you have always dreamt of.


  • Free-to-play real-life simulation game
  • Tons of entertaining content to explore
  • More fast-paced and addictive gameplay
  • Easy and responsive controls, short loading times


  • Not as comprehensive as its PC predecessor
  • Too much tapping will drive you crazy

Graphics 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 9

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