Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys
Text <br><strong>Stumble Guys</strong> is an online battle royale party game! Race with up to 32 players online dashing through chaotic obstacle courses. <br>Run, jump and dash to the finish line until the best player takes the crown! <br><br><ul class="bb_ul"><li>Run, dash, slide past opponents &amp; overcome obstacles<br></li><li>17 unique obstacle courses<br></li><li>Battle Royale Online multiplayer<br></li><li>Party mode to play with friends<br></li><li>Physics-based havoc<br></li><li>Colourful, whacky design<br></li><li>Unlockable outfits and emotes<br></li><li>Tons of hilarious fails!</li></ul><br>Get <strong>Stumble Guys</strong> now and join the fun!
Rating_os 4.5
Rating_num 60587
Author Kitka Games
Author url https://store.steampowered.com/search/?developer=Kitka%20Games&snr=1_5_9__2000
Size 512 MB available space
Requirements Windows 10
Release date Oct 7, 2021