Reaching Inbox Zero: top apps that help

Inbox Zero is not a new technique, but for many users keeping your inbox empty is still like a Zen state you can never reach. If you have no idea where to start and don’t have much time to empty your Inbox, just pick the right apps. They will get your inbox in order. Here is the collection of free apps that help. If you have more apps to add, share them in the comments below.

Total cleaning with Cleanfox

Cleanfox application screenshots

Before we start, let’s clean your Inbox from garbage with the help of Cleanfox. The app exists on both iOS and Android platforms. It scans messages and puts them in the order of frequency. Cleanfox analyzes the total amount of letters you receive and open from a particular sender. Depending on the number, you may want to keep the subscription and save all the previous messages, keep the subscription and delete all the old messages or just unsubscribe from this sender.

Cleanfox takes care not only of your email but about your future as well. It calculates how much CO2 is burned due to your emails on the server. And every time you clean your Inbox, the numbers go down. Every new person that will join the service because of your advice is the reason for Cleanfox to plant a tree in Zambia. With this app, you are sitting at your office, doing nothing, while the world is saved on your behalf.

The temporary email address that saves you from spam menace

SpamBox application screenshots

Sometimes we don’t have any other choice than to give an email address to third parties. Usually, it happens when you need to go through the verification process. While it seems harmless, your email address stays in the database. And after some time, your email is spammed with graymail.

In this case, it is better to use a temporary email address. Fortunately, they are provided by numerous apps. For example, InstAddr for iOS or SpamBox for Android will provide temporary email addresses that you may throw away later.

If you need a permanent remedy, use ManyMe. The program helps you to create various email names and connect them with your actual Inbox. Every minute the address can be deleted.

Hide emails, not delete them

Outlook application screenshots

This sounds like an awful thing to do to the whole Inbox Zero philosophy. But from time to time we all need to remind ourselves how cool an empty box looks like. Even though you have dozens of unwritten and uncategorized emails, you can still postpone them. Use the Boomerang program for Gmail. You are able to hide up to 10 messages every month just to open them when the time comes. For mobile platforms, use Exchange and Outlook apps.

Simplify your task

Email by Edison application screenshots

It does not have to be that hard. But once you started to clean the house, do it like a pro. Implement the same technique to every email account you have. And Email by Edison is going to help you on your way. This app cleans all the letters with expired dates, like travel alerts, group meetings, package deliveries, etc.

Call for help from Loop Email

Loop Email application screenshots

The app is a treasure for all shared inboxes. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It helps teams and saves your deadlines.

It attracts the attention of the team to the income messages and provides conditions for discussion, before the response. It is free for up to 20 people and has a storage of 10GB. But you can try paid services with extra storage and more people to include.

Unsubscribe with a tap

Of course, Gmail offers you an unsubscribe option, like any other email service. But you will have to spend some time doing it. If you have numerous candidates for unsubscribing, it might take a long time. This is where the Unsubscribe Button extension made by Chrome may become a lifesaver. With this extension, you will be able to forget about unwanted subscription with a single tap on the icon or stroke on Shift+4.

Do you need these apps?

For starters, all the apps I mentioned above are free. They are easy to control and don’t usually take much space on your phone. So, why not try it? On average, we receive up to 10-20 letters via our work emails every day. Many of them are vital, and some of them are just spam. There is a good chance that you might lose important letters in the pile of spam. These apps that I mentioned earlier will help you to keep your correspondence in order. If you have already had experience with these apps, please share your impression. You may like or dislike them, and I wonder what other apps you may recommend to your fellows at the office.

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