YouTube Makes Shoppable Links Available to More Creators

One of the latest trends that originated in Asia is live-stream ecommerce. Now it’s becoming more of a thing in America and Europe as well, livestreams being one of the freshest marketing tools to make use of. And while merchants of the West are hesitant to jump in, YouTube is already providing them with tools for this purpose.

Live-stream commerce tools by YouTube have existed for some time, but only a limited number of streamers could implement them into their livestreams. Now YouTube is ready to change the situation and provide it to more creators. By the end of 2022, those on YouTube Partner Program in the US, UK, India, and Brazil will be able to add shoppable links to their streams as well as to regular videos and Shorts. Sounds promising, but what are these tools?

Well, as you may have assumed, these are shoppable links that appear in different places within the app as the stream goes on. When it comes to discussing a certain product, the link to its page on the merchant’s website will appear – to stay for a while and disappear when another product comes into focus. The links may later be accessed from the description, but if you listen about the product and suddenly realize that you want it, an instant link will satisfy your desire.

An example of this will be provided by Google on November 10, Its lie shopping broadcast will be focused on beauty products, like Ulta Beauty, Tula Skincare, and others. Though, as we said, livestreaming commerce is more of a thing in Asia than it is in the West, there are still successful projects like TalkShopLive, a hybrid of a full-format product presentation and an interview with a celebrity.

What do you think about this initiative? If you are a merchant yourself, we’d especially like to read your opinion. If you are a consumer, though, you are just as important. So welcome to the comments, everyone!


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