TikTok Aims to Enhance Viewing Experience with Video Scrubbing Thumbnails

TikTok has recently added the option of video-scrubbing thumbnails to its platform. This allows users to find a specific part of a longer video more easily and intuitively. The feature is starting to roll out this week and is only available for newer uploads. This update is TikTok’s effort to improve the viewing experience as it inches further into YouTube’s domain, where video-scrubbing thumbnails are already a familiar feature. 

The video-scrubbing thumbnails appear as a row of small boxes along the bottom of the video. They are numbered, making it easier for users to find a specific part of the video. This feature is especially useful for tutorials or recipe videos where there is an expected order of steps or ingredients. It also comes in handy for longer videos, as it eliminates the need for users to scrub through them blindly.

The idea of adding video-scrubbing thumbnails to TikTok is a natural step for the company as it continues to compete with YouTube and other video streaming services. Data showed that children and teens now spend more time watching TikTok than YouTube. This is likely due to TikTok’s convenience of uploading videos up to 10 minutes in length and its other heightened video features, such as the new horizontal full-screen mode.

Other than the video-scrubbing thumbnails, TikTok has also been working to improve the viewing experience on the app in other ways. For instance, they are now allowing users to bookmark and follow their favorite videos more easily. They have also added a feature that allows users to share recommended videos with friends and fans.

TikTok’s recent addition of video-scrubbing thumbnails demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing a better viewing experience for users. This effort is a part of TikTok’s attempt to attract more YouTube creators to its platform and continue to compete in the video streaming market. With its convenience of uploads up to 10 minutes and its other improved video features, TikTok appears to be gaining more traction and users in the long run.

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