The New and Improved Hitmontop of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The beloved pocket monsters of Nintendo's hit series Pokémon have had various forms throughout the different generations. Among them are Ultra Beasts, regional variants, and Paradox forms that take existing creatures and give them a new twist. A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet recently shared their idea for their own Paradox form of the Fighting-Type Hitmontop, which originally appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

The Paradox Hitmontop, created by Redditor rc1246, features a number of purple-colored spikes protruding from its body, replacing the spiked toes with claws and turning its eyes yellow. This design was inspired by the beta version of Hitmontop that had been altered before being released. The creature looks intimidating and unique, making it a great candidate for the Paradox form. The fans responded positively to the idea, coming up with statistics, names, and suggestions, such as black and white coloring for the Paradox Pokemon.

Rc1246 has come up with more designs for Paradox forms of existing pocket monsters based on their beta versions, such as Raichu and Sharpedo. This opens up some interesting possibilities of bringing back some forgotten creatures while presenting them in a new and exciting way. It would be exciting to see how the developers at Game Freak will expand on Paradox Pokemon and further explore the potential of reimagining existing pocket monsters.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch, and fans of the long-running series can create their own Paradox forms or pick up the latest game to experience rc1246's fan creation. This new and improved Hitmontop has drawn considerable attention and could be a great addition to the game, standing out among the many other pocket monsters.

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