Telegram App Gets Major Update with Storage and Drawing Tools

Telegram is a widely used messaging app with over 200 million users worldwide. It is one of the most popular messaging apps due to its security, speed, and reliability. Recently, the Telegram team released a major update for their platform, adding new storage and drawing tools. 

The new update includes a storage feature that allows users to store files up to 2GB in size. This has been a long-awaited feature and will be a great addition for those who need to store large files. Additionally, there2 are new drawing tools that make it easier to draw, sketch and create images on the platform. There are various brushes, shapes, and other tools that can be used to create beautiful artwork and add a more personal touch to messages.

Another interesting feature is the “spoilers” option. This feature allows users to hide text or images in a message, which can only be revealed when the recipient taps on the message. This is especially useful for sending sensitive information without revealing it to everyone. 

The new Telegram update is a welcome addition to the platform and will make it even more enjoyable for users. With the new storage and drawing tools, users will be able to store large files and create personalized messages. The “spoilers” feature is also a great way to share sensitive information without revealing it to everyone.


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