PUBG Introduces Monstrous Chickens and Zombies for April Fools Event

April Fools' Day is here, and PUBG is celebrating with the return of the Monster Chicken Royale game mode. Players will be able to explore the map while battling monstrous chickens and zombies, and they'll be given special power-ups to help them out. The event, dubbed Bizarre Battle Royale, runs from now until the 10th of April.

Players will be able to take on the new challenges presented by the Monster Chicken and zombie enemies. They'll be equipped with some special power-ups to help them out, such as increased HP, invulnerability and wall hacks,. These power-ups will come in handy when facing the hordes of chickens and zombies that will be roaming the map.

In addition, the game mode will also feature some other wacky changes, such as randomly generated maps, special avatars, and weird weapons. This should make the game mode even more interesting and unpredictable, as players will never know what to expect.

Bizarre Battle Royale is a great way to celebrate April Fools' Day and will provide plenty of entertainment for PUBG fans. The game mode is a welcome addition to the game and should provide plenty of fun for players. So, if you're a fan of PUBG, be sure to check out the Bizarre Battle Royale game mode and see what surprises await.

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