Peace Message in the United Nations games

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development is UNESCO's organization that plans to share its values through the games. UNESCO became a sponsor of the conference TECH 2019. Among other topics, its participants will discuss video games as the new tool to involve children into emotional and social learning. The conference will take place in India, later in 2019. Its main goal is to show how mobile games can educate children and build a strong and peaceful society.

The goal

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development or MGIEP, in short, is the department of UNESCO in India. Recently, representatives of the organization have published a new statement on the official website. According to it, games may be a helpful tool in education. Teachers can use games to attract students in a learning process and help them to absorb knowledge with ease.

The organization works together with Andhra Pradesh Government and plans to create a hub for digital learning and educational games. Besides these games, the hub will provide VR, AR, and MR modules, 3D content, cloud-based materials, and so on. All products will be educational.

Games represented by MGIEP

There are two games that were already released by this organization. Both of them are based on social and moral problems which we face every day. MGIEP plan to extend the number of games in the near future:

  1. World Rescue. MGIEP considers this game as a narrative inspired by the main goals of the UN. Some of us may find it similar to Captain Planet. The gameplay takes place in Norway, China, Brazil, India, and Kenya. All the characters you meet will need your help with global problems. For instance, you will have to fight pollution, deforestation, drought, displacement, and disease. This is the mobile game, available for iOS and Android platforms for free.
  2. Cantor’s World. The game will be interesting for students who learn economics and sustainability, and for policymakers in the middle of their careers. It is concentrated on the Inclusive Wealth Index and everything you have to know about it. The game allows players to choose various policies and see their results. It also explains the difference between long-term and short-term sustainability results. You are offered to build the country and plan its economy, so it could become prosperous in the end. This game is not available for download yet.

Educational games: pros and cons

Not many of us find educational games entertaining. But it is hard not to agree with the fact that they are much more interesting than usual pedagogical techniques. Do you think educational games can help in the study process? Can you name your favorite game that taught you something new? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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