Overwatch 2 Short Story Celebrates Pride with Pharah and Baptiste's Revealed Identities

Blizzard's Overwatch 2 has taken a step forward in showcasing diversity and representation in gaming by revealing the sexual identities of two of its heroes, Pharah and Baptiste, through a recent short story titled "As You Are." Authored by Jen Stacey, Overwatch 2 senior narrative designer, the story has been released as part of the game's Pride celebration.

This year's Pride celebration is chock-full of LGBTQA+ content, both inside and outside the Overwatch 2 universe. Players can enjoy free LGBTQA+ cosmetics and participate in an in-game Pride parade on the Midtown map. Stacey's heartfelt tale, "As You Are," is set to deepen the characters' development and add more depth to the overall gaming experience.

The storyline involves Pharah, Baptiste, and Cassidy, who are en route to Gibraltar to join the newly-reformed Overwatch. After a conversation about Pharah's relationship with Cassidy, the story confirms Baptiste's bisexuality and Pharah's lesbian identity. The two heroes form a stronger bond throughout the narrative, discussing second chances, identity, and their future within the Overwatch universe.

Besides confirming the identities of Pharah and Baptiste, the short story also provides hints about other Overwatch 2 characters. For example, it suggests that Cassidy may be open to a relationship with Baptiste and that Pharah may have had a history, or at least a strong liking, for Mercy. Additionally, Baptiste's thoughts on Mauga, a potential future Tank hero, could signify a deeper connection to the heavy gunfighter beyond simply being teammates.

The Overwatch 2 community has responded positively to the short story, welcoming the LGBTQA+ representation. While some fans had speculated about the characters' sexual orientations, the confirmation in "As You Are" has generated excitement about the possible future developments in both the heroes' personal lives and the game itself. This short story is not only a celebration of Pride but also a testament to the depth and complexity of the characters within the Overwatch 2 universe.

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