Meet Paralives, the Main Sims Competitor

While The Sims 5 developers are working on the game and dealing with the recent playtest hack, the competitors are on the alert. Paralives Studio announced the development of a game with similar gameplay, which will exclude mysticism and paranormal phenomena.

The Sims has been a monopoly in the life simulation market for many years. Although there were other projects, they still failed to achieve the same popularity. Looks like Paralives Studio wants to make a difference. This small company attracted attention by raising money for its project on various crowdfunding platforms. According to the latest data, it is currently funded by about 9000 donations. With stable cash flow, we can expect the game to launch soon.

The main difference between Paralives and other simulators will be that it is planned to have an editor not only for characters but also for houses and furniture. Alex Massé, the head of the project, has previously said he doesn't like the architecture simulators currently available in digital stores, so he decided to create his own, combining it with the functionality of a life simulator. You can build houses of any shape and size you can think of, and not just using a grid, as in The Sims.

You can follow the project development on social networks where developers actively share their progress. They even released the so-called "parabook," a 100-page compilation of all the ideas they plan to implement. By the way, The Sims creators, who announced work on the new part in September, also promised to publicly cover the progress, which caused discontent among fans and critics and accusations of imitation.

Getting ahead of The Sims and breaking its monopoly can be tricky, but we hope the small Paralives Studio, which has only ten employees, will succeed. How do you feel about this battle? Will you play the new life simulator or stay true to The Sims?

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