Long Instagram Stories Now Work Smoothly

Short Stories is Instagram’s signature tool and the platform’s most used feature. Until recently, when you tried to upload a one-minute video, you would get a bunch of short clips. Now the service supports downloading whole 60-second videos.

Breaking a video down into many segments was very disturbing for many creators, especially since not all viewers could watch the video to the end in this way. As a rule, the last few clips remained unwatched. Instagram has received a long-awaited update to this feature, which the developers have been working on since last year. All users have the opportunity to upload longer materials (up to 60 seconds) to the platform, and they will be posted in this form and not broken into 15-second parts.

It greatly simplifies the task for bloggers and influencers and improves the user experience of ordinary viewers. Now the latter do not have to constantly tap on the screen to scroll through material they are not interested in. However, some did not like such an update. The thing is, some people are used to watching tiny videos that you don’t have to spend too much time on. They liked this format because, for longer videos, there are Reels. They believe that the update somewhat blurs the boundaries between these features, and the need for one of them may completely disappear.

All these changes are since the platform slightly shifts its focus from photos and pictures to videos. According to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, the developers plan to double their efforts to develop the video segment. Apparently, the boundaries of Reels and Stories will be erased even more. Experienced users in all these updates can’t help but notice the competition with TikTok, which continues to maintain a leading position in creating short videos.

Did you like this change in Stories? How do you like the innovations in Instagram this year?

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