London Police Arrested Teen on Suspicion of Hacking GTA 6

In September, almost a hundred videos of the in-development GTA 6 appeared in the public domain. As confirmed by Rockstar Games, all of them are real, and they have a security hole. After investigating the incident, London police arrested a 17-year-old hacker believed to be responsible for the leak.

The Cyber ​​Crime Unit of the National Crime Agency said it had taken into custody a teenager suspected of an unnamed cybercrime. Experts agreed that many signals indicate that this person may be related to the leak of materials from an early version of GTA 6 gameplay. Currently, the hacker is in custody, and the investigation continues. It is likely the same person who hacked into Uber some time ago, gained access to internal databases, and demanded higher driver salaries.

The leaker with the nickname teapotuberhacker, who distributed GTA 6 materials on the Internet, claimed that they even had the open source code of the game, for which they hoped to receive a ransom from the developers. However, all materials, links, and messages were deleted by the GTA forum administrators and the hacker after a few days. They apparently realized what consequences this could bring for them. As we can see, agreeing peacefully with the studio’s representatives was impossible.

Rockstar Games is extremely disappointed with what happened and upset that fans saw the sneak peeks of the upcoming project in this way. Despite speculation that this leak might halt production, the developers have assured that work will continue at its current pace and there will be no delays. Moreover, the official release date of the next part of the franchise has not yet been named.

Did you manage to familiarize yourself with the materials of the leak? How do you feel about such things? What punishment does this young hacker deserve?

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