LinkedIn Streamlines Content Creation, Retires Three Features

LinkedIn has recently announced its decision to remove three content-creation features from the platform. This decision comes as a result of feedback from creators and the quest to improve user experience. Starting from June 26th, 2023, native carousels, profile videos, and clickable image links will no longer be available. However, existing content using these features will remain viewable.

Among the three features being retired, native carousels are likely to have the most significant impact. Carousels have been a popular content format on LinkedIn, particularly after the platform introduced native carousel posting in 2022. Carousels enable creators to share multiple images or slides in a single post, usually generating high engagement rates. Unfortunately, with the removal of native carousels, users will have to resort back to sharing PDFs or creating quasi-carousel posts to continue using this format.

Profile videos were introduced in 2021 as a way to provide a more personal touch to LinkedIn profiles. This feature allowed users to record a short video clip that would be linked to their profile image. Despite LinkedIn's efforts to encourage users to leverage this feature through additional prompts, it never gained widespread adoption. As a result, profile videos will become relics of the platform's past, effective from the end of June.

The third feature on its way out is the ability to embed clickable links within images or videos in LinkedIn posts. This feature, introduced in August 2022, enabled users to drive referral traffic back to their sites. Although it presented a potential traffic-boosting tool, it appears that users did not embrace it in significant numbers, leading LinkedIn to retire it along with the other two features.

While the removal of these features may cause some inconvenience, particularly to users who have incorporated them into their content strategies, it's important to remember that platforms like LinkedIn are constantly evolving to cater to the needs of their user base. It’s crucial for creators to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to these changes. In the absence of these features, users can still explore and utilize other content formats and tools provided by the platform to engage their audience and grow their professional network effectively.

In conclusion, LinkedIn's decision to remove native carousels, profile videos, and in-image links is a reflection of its dedication to continually improving the user experience. Creators must embrace change and adapt their strategies accordingly to continue achieving success on the platform. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers a variety of other content formats and features that users can leverage to engage their audience and expand their professional network, ensuring that the removal of these three features won't hinder the overall experience on the platform.

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