Incredible God of War Ragnarok Montage Highlights Kratos’ Best Fights

God of War Ragnarok has been praised as one of the best games of the year, with only Elden Ring above it on Metacritic in 2022. It received several awards at the end of the year from The Game Awards for its story, music, and sound design. Now, a fan has created a montage highlighting the best fights of Kratos in the game, showing off the various attacks and mechanics available to the Spartan Warrior in God of War Ragnarok.

Gamer Much118 has shared a video on Reddit that captures Kratos using the tools available in combat to defeat a variety of enemies. Most of the video is in sync with the music; according to a fan, it's the Brothers of Blood track from God of War 3. The combat mechanics featured include the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and Runic Attacks from both weapons. Kratos also makes use of Spartan Rage throughout the video, which is a mechanic players can utilize to gain an advantage in combat. There are three categories of Spartan Rage available in Ragnarok, Fury, Valor, and Wrath, each with its own unique benefits. Fury allows gamers to enter a state where they can unleash powerful attacks on enemies, while Valor grants a large amount of HP, and Wrath charges enemies with the currently equipped weapon and deals massive damage. 

Many users in the comments section praised the editing skills of Much118, with one user even claiming that the montage could work as a gameplay trailer for God of War Ragnarok. Players were also impressed with the wide range of attacks and moves showcased by Kratos in the montage, with some even wondering why he was so angry in the video.

Overall, God of War Ragnarok is an immersive and engaging game, and this montage is a great showcase of the combat mechanics which have been included in the game. Players have praised the editing skills of Much118 and the wide range of attacks showcased in the montage, making it an excellent way to experience the game’s exciting combat. The montage spotlights what makes Kratos’ latest adventure so special, and it is clear why the game has received so many awards.

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