Hexworks Unleashes Patch 1.1.193 for Lords of the Fallen to Address Crashes

Hexworks, the developer behind 'Lords of the Fallen', has released patch 1.1.193. This update aims to fix crashes and provides an option to manually activate DLSS 3 frame generation, which was previously a cause for crashes.

A day after the team rolled out an update suspending DLSS frame generation due to instability issues, they rolled out another patch to make the gaming journey smoother. This latest patch integrates numerous fixes for in-game crashes. On top of that, Hexworks and YouTuber 'MitoGouken' jointly suggested a workaround for a crash happening at the game's initial loading screen. This temporary fix has been detailed below while the team collaborates with Epic to engineer a more enduring remedy.

The evolved workaround is favored over the preceding one as it leverages precompiled shaders, thus eliminating micro-stutters upon entering new biomes. As the team elaborated, they advised gamers to first apply this workaround. If it does not resolve the issue, they advise adding "-nopsos" to gain in-game access.

To enact the workaround:

  • Navigate to "X:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Lords of the Fallen"
  • Right-click on "LOTF2.exe" and select Properties
  • Head to the Compatibility tab
  • Enable compatibility with Windows 8
  • Turn off fullscreen optimizations
  • Execute this program as an administrator

Given the DLSS feature had to be suspended, Hexworks explains that gamers can manually reactivate it. They clarify, "DLSS Frame Generation was deactivated universally when Sentry pointed out that it was causing crashes in 40 series GPUs for virtually all users." They further added, "While it is not default until we completely resolve it, an option to manually activate it has been included in the launch options '-DLSSFG'."

The latest patch incorporates other repairs worth perusing in the full patch notes.

'Lords of the Fallen' is now globally accessible for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Here's a quick review of the user experience:

Before its launch, 'Lords of the Fallen' held immense promise. However, it was regrettable that the game couldn't align with an engaging experience. Only hardcore fans of the Souls series might derive some pleasure from the 35-hour-long quest to rescue Mournstead. But for most, the game's numerous flaws are too glaring to ignore. Engrossing combat lies at the core of any Souls-like game, and intriguing stories combined with a swanky world design can only offset so much of the clunky combat design's drawbacks.

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