Google Brings Material You Design to Its Popular Sites With an Account Switcher Update

Google has made many changes to its Android apps by introducing Material You. Now those design changes have made their way to the desktop versions of Google's services, starting with the Account Switcher. The update brings a neat, rounded rectangular layout and gives many Google sites a taste of the new design principles.

The account switch is an important feature for those who use multiple accounts on Google services. It helps separate personal search history from work-related queries, allowing users to quickly and easily switch between accounts. Prior to this update, the interface was designed with sharp corners and boxy shapes, but it now transitions to a sleek nested rectangle layout with heavily rounded corners, matching the Material You design seen on other platforms like Android 12.

So far, this change has been seen in popular products such as Search, Maps, Calendar, Photo Disk, and Documents. Other features related to account switching have also been updated accordingly - including managing multiple profiles that can be added or removed from the list without changing any associated data.

Moving from old design guidelines to new ones isn't always easy. But Google seems to be successfully implementing them across platforms without sacrificing user experience or functionality, which can be tricky for companies when making such major UI/UX changes. As all these improvements happen gradually over time, we should see more updates coming soon as part of the Material You initiative, which will ensure consistency between the different devices people use today: smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Overall, the latest update looks promising and shows how much effort Google is putting into keeping up with current trends in design while giving users the best possible experience, no matter what device they choose to use their service from! We hope to see many more UX improvements soon!

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