Genshin Impact 3.2 Update Arrived

In early November, the v3.2 update of Genshin Impact called Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises was released. It is probably one of the most "non-eventful" patches we've seen. However, the appearance of Nahida has clearly stirred up some players.

The main events of this update are the appearance of two awesome characters: the five-star Nahida (Dendro) and the four-star Layla (Cryo). Many are already familiar with the first, but the second will appear in the game for the first time. And Nahida, in the role of Dendro Archon, has an exciting story quest. As the title suggests, it is only the first part of it, so the story doesn't end there. Only players who have reached level 40, found the key and completed the previous quest can participate.

Along with Nahida comes her lamp-shaped weapon called A Thousand Floating Dreams. It is a catalyst that positively affects the entire squad due to side effects. So, it increases the mastery of the elements of those who stand nearby by 40 points. Also, the Thundering Pulse Bow returns to the game, which fires highly accurate arrows that pass through opponents and are not affected by gravity.

In this update, two enemies are waiting for you. The first, the weekly boss Shouki no Kami, is resistant to electricity, so you will have to use characters of other elements to defeat him. It is a fairly strong opponent that can cause serious damage to the entire squad, so you should prepare. The second boss Dendro Hypostasis is a green cube that requires Dendro characters in your team to defeat it. For the final stage, it is also useful to take someone from the Electro element with you into battle.

Of course, the update added new events, particularly the main one — Epic Mold Fight, a Pokemon-like quest. The Serenitea Pot system was also overhauled, new recipes, hints, and name cards were added, and game performance was improved. How do you like this patch? Have you fully mastered Nahida's abilities yet?

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