Fallout 4 to Be Updated for Next-Gen Consoles

Fallout 4 is one of the most acclaimed games of the franchise, Released in 2015, though, it now may look a bit obsolete. But it’s not for long. Bethesda has announced a large update for the game which will make as much use as possible of the next-gen consoles hardware. The next-gen update is scheduled for some date in 2023.

There isn’t any more precise information about the release date. Bethesda only says that it’s “coming in 2023”. This leaves enough room for maneuver if the development process takes too long. On the other hand, given how global the update is, it will be worth the wait.

Not only will the game receive upgraded visuals which show all the advantages of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Though the prospect of 4K and performance mode for high frame rates are impressive, everyone would like to have a little more content in the new edition, and there will be some. The 2023 version of Fallout 4 will also receive some Creative Club bonus content. The collection will logically be curated by Bethesda itself.

The decision to update this installment, though, is somehow strange. While the original game was released in 2015, and eight years is quite a long time in the industry, there are older Fallout games that deserve this update just as much. Next to them, Fallout 4 still looks quite fashionable. Not that this update is unnecessary; many fans would revisit the game after its release, and new ones will join in. But why not Fallout 3, say? Older installments would also be welcomed by fans, given that the first Fallout game was released back in 1997 and looks as obsolete now as possible for Fallout. Of course, these games require more than just a visual refreshment; so maybe they are left for later.

Have you played Fallout 4 when it was fresh? Are you anticipating the update? Will you revisit it for its new looks? Tell us in the comments if you please!


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