Android 13 Beta 3 Shows Troubles Dealing with Dead Zones

Android 13 is on its way to more devices, and on Pixels it already receives its own updates. But its way is far from easy, and now it seems it’s stuck in the dead zone – quite literally. The testers of the newest QPR1 Beta 3 report that after getting into a dead zone the devices experience problems with reconnecting to cellular carriers. And this problem appears to be quite common.
Cellular signal reception is one of the most crucial things about today’s smartphones, even despite ubiquitous Wi-Fi. And despite carriers’ efforts to cover every inhabited area as closely as possible, there are still dead zones where the coverage is absent or fails. It’s okay to drop into such a zone for a minute or two, if you have your Spotify music downloaded and maps cached. At least, it should be.
It’s not the case, though, with the latest QPR1 Beta 3. Testers report the common issue on various devices, from Pixel 5 and 6 to the recent Pixel 7. As they enter one of these dead zones, they experience issues as the device won’t reconnect even after reaching a stable reception area. This is not the behavior to be expected from a smartphone in 2022.
The problem has been reported from different places as well. While in the US there are probably no reports (at least, no published ones), there are some from Europe, including Spain and Italy. Users there say their Pixel devices just lose any connection and won’t reconnect.
The most recent version Android 13 QPR1 has spent its latest months in the beta version before arriving on all the supported Pixel devices. But the update is delayed because of multiple issues which are typical for betas – probably except this one, too serious to be ignored. Well, we hope Google overcomes it soon, and another update arrives on your Pixels.
If you have a Pixel with Android 13, how does it perform? Ever noticed issues after leaving a dead zone? Or maybe you had it with some other smartphone? Do you find it acceptable or intolerable even for a beta? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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