Movie Maker 8.1

Movie Maker 8.1
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Movie Maker 8.1

Venetasoft studio developers took the simplicity of the original software and made it a superior mobile montage studio for Windows Mobile. Make quality videos for Instagram and YouTube on the go!

Design and Usability 9/10

Movie Maker is one of the best examples of efficient Windows Mobile UI usage. Even though video montage is a difficult work, making a cut in this app is very intuitive. It is totally clear for both beginners and professionals.

All interface elements are big enough to provide a sufficient control in any situation. Black theme is very comfortable for both sunny weather and dark rooms. Each file on the timeline has its own color and type icon, so you won’t get puzzled.

Key Functions 9/10

This application is not really heaped, but has a good-working compilation of the most important effects, presets and tools.

Basic version provides a smart timeline, that has no clip duration limitations. You can load as many files as your device storage allows to. Good news for owners of gadgets with >1GB RAM! This app is able to decode UHD-4K in real time. That’s awesome because not many PCs are able to do that. By the way, all mobile projects are fully compatible with the desktop version of this app, which is called Live Movie Maker.

Next powerful feature allows you to cut different formats of video, images, and audio at the same time. There’s no use to list them one by one, so we would just count: 6 video, 7 audio, and 7 image formats. Sharing feature is compatible with Vimeo, YouTube, messengers, Office, and many others. You just have to choose the final destination of the movie to set the final rendering format. In other cases, you are allowed to chose rendering preferences on your own. A built-in compressor is able to change video and audio quality, bitrate, format, and fps.

Effects and transitions in Movie Maker 8.1 are not very varied, but perform without lags. Be sure, that they won’t look awkward, like you are using old Sony Vegas or something like that.

Security 10/10

Movie Maker 8.1 may require access to your YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and other social applications’ accounts, but it appears to be completely safe. Windows Mobile community and press consider this piece of software as one of the most secure and productive in Microsoft Store.

In-app purchases

Even though the basic version includes quite many effects and transitions, there are some plugins to purchase. You can choose from a range of additional transitions, effects, sound or music libraries and unique sharing options. Mind, that you can always play the MM Slot Machine to win some plugins for free!

The Verdict

Movie Maker 8.1 is definitely one of the most powerful Windows Mobile applications ever. It provides montage experience, which is quite close to professional. Anyone can use it to produce qualitative movies for blogging and other purposes.


  • UHD-4K support
  • Good compressor
  • Convenient timeline and tool buttons
  • Comprehensive list of sharing options
  • Reasonable plugins to purchase.


  • YouTube sharing is paid
  • 2 years without updates. Shortens battery life dramatically.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 10

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