IP Camera
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IP Camera

All you need is IP Camera application! It supports all necessary formats of video, recording, and many more options to provide you with a full circle supervision tool.

Design and Usability 8/10

IP Camera is a professional tool, so developers endowed it with a strict utilitarian interface, that has no excess elements. It is visually based on Windows system interface, so there’s no problem to get accustomed to it. Problems may happen if you don’t understand what formats and features belong to your cameras.

Key Functions 8/10

As it was already mentioned, IP Camera is for professional usage, so you should have appropriate knowledge of video and audio formats to understand how it goes.

Its main function is receiving a signal from authorized cameras, which are connected to your home or corporate network. It also can use web-cameras as a surveillance camera device. Developers made this app to consume as low data and drive memory as possible, so video recording starts only when a motion is detected. All due to the advanced Motion Detection technology. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust any alerts to be informed about any strange motions. It also lacks police call hotkey or home safety system integration. Settings allow you to set your OneDrive as a stream receiver. It means that all recordings are totally secure, because no one has access to delete them.

In addition to that, it supports Bi-directional audio, UPnP port forwarding, full IPv6 capability. Recording tool is suitable for MJPEG and ONVIF formats. At the same time, playback feature runs RTSP and RTMP protocols. Surprisingly, any connected camera is allowed to be used for video broadcasting on YouTube and Facebook.

New devices and IP camera servers may be added via QR-code scanner, that is built into the application. You can also get access to servers on other devices using WAN url. This feature provides convenient remote control of active cameras.

Security 10/10

IP Camera may run without any special permissions. Basic requirements include microphone and camera access. However, as soon as you want to save recordings into OneDrive, you have to authorize application in your Microsoft account. The same goes for YouTube and Facebook broadcasting. No security issues reports have been posted so far.

In-app purchases

IP Camera is a paid ads-free professional application, which doesn’t include any in-app purchases.

The Verdict

This application is a professional piece of software, which is very handy in case you need a portable solution to access your surveillance cameras on Windows Mobile and desktop devices. It is designed to provide fast access to all features and to set you free from excess anxiety.


  • Many sophisticated codecs are supported
  • Low drive memory consumption
  • OneDrive direct recording
  • YouTube and Facebook streaming options.


  • No user guide included
  • No updates since 2016
  • It lacks motion detection alerts.

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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