Auto Speed

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Text Auto Speed is a GPS gauge to indicate the speed of a car with speedcams and road alerts support. This application also warns you about the stationary and mobile speed cameras, red light cameras, speed limits, dangerous crossroads, speed bumps and the other road obstacles. More than 100 countries are covered. It works offline. Features: 1. Gauge with digital speed indication. 2. Customizable speed cameras and traffic enforcement warnings. 3. Sound or vibration warning notifications. 4. Alert if speed exceeds the specified limit. 5. Various units of measurement (km/h, MPH, knots). 6. Average and top speed indication. 7. Trip distance measurement. 8. Trip time and total traveling time indicators. 9. Total distance calculation. 10. Altitude indicator. 11. The indicator of directions. 12. Indicator color customization. 13. Portrait and landscape orientation support. 14. Adjustable gauge position on the screen. 15. Share current location. 16. Live tiles support for distance indication. Auto Speed is an essential application for the drivers of the cars lacking digital speed indication. Auto Speed saves you money on speeding fines, helping you drive safely and relaxed, wherever you are.
Rating_os 3.5
Rating_num 3
Compatibility Mobile device
Size 3.46 MB
Category Navigation & maps
Published 1/10/2013
Author ‪KAB Studio‬
Content_rating EVERYONE
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