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Auto Speed
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Auto Speed

p dir="ltr">Have problems with your car speedometer? Need a road help of an experienced navigator? Want to know exact mileage from point A to B? Auto Speed application is designed to fulfill all these needs and many more in a stylish unibody format of an average modern car speedometer.

Design and Usability 10/10

This application is designed to show all the needed information in a single place. That’s why it looks exactly like a car speedometer, but with much more capabilities. Usability is on the top level, because you don’t have to adjust anything on the go. Set it up once and forget about settings for a long time. Display setup allows you to choose interface color, vertical or horizontal orientation and position of the gauge on the screen. Just rotate your device and swipe to adjust these things.

Key Functions 9/10

Auto Speed uses GPS receiver only. To start from scratch, you have to choose your country to download road objects database. Unfortunately, some databases may not receive automatic updates accidentally, so you are bound to press update button in front of each package to be sure, that you have the most recent road map marks for a chosen home region.

After that, you have to choose, which markers do you want to see and appropriate units of speed measurement from MPH, km/h and even knots in case you’re on a boat. Traffic enforcement cameras marker is also voluntary. If you know your local speed limitations, you can set the application to alert you on definite speed. There’s also a comprehensive list of road sign alerts to choose from. All alerts may warn you with sounds, vibration or both.

Unremovable meters show real-time speed, current driving time and mileage, GPS compass, altitude, total distance and road signs ahead. Central indication always shows average speed and limitation alerts.

In addition to that, Auto Speed is an advanced detector of any types of speed and red light cameras, busy crossroads, bumps and other road circumstances. It means, that it helps to save impressive amounts of money each year by making you avoid overspeeding and trespassing.

Security 10/10

Auto Speed mobile application doesn’t need any access requirements except the GPS module. It’s not a problem at all, unless you want your device to be completely undetectable.

In-app purchases

You have to purchase auto speed once to use all functions and download unlimited packages for more than 100 countries and receive updates.

The Verdict

Auto Speed provides a comprehensive report on your current location and speed and helps to avoid any road fines. Download it to feel relaxed on your way anywhere! Convenient, easily readable interface and no lags. That’s what any driver needs.


  • It’s very cheap and precise
  • 100+ countries to choose from
  • Road signs are updated frequently
  • Customizable interface
  • It works offline saving your mobile data.


  • Minor problems with chosen updates
  • You can choose colors, but there are no speedometer skins
  • You can’t import destination coordinates to see the total mileage from A to B.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 9

Security 10

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