Bird Sounds

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Bird Sounds

Do you like listening to bird trills? Sit back and enjoy high-quality recordings. Want some extraordinary bird ringtones? Here you are! All these opportunities are inside this application.

Design and Usability 10/10

Bird Sounds application is built on a basis of Windows Mobile UI and uses it to the full level. All menus are divided into convenient tabs on the top of the screen. Just swipe to switch between them. Each tab has its own set of options on the bottom line. They conduct playback, search, settings, share, favorites folder and store. Everything is accessible in a single tap.

Key Functions 8/10

With this app, you receive a huge encyclopedia of European birds. The database includes more, than 3 hundred species with professional photographic illustrations. All photos are mainly made by Agami Agency and other well-known professionals.  

The sound library was made by devoted bird admirers all over Europe. The quality of sounds is superior. Most of them are recorded with high-end professional stereo stations to provide you as immersive experience as possible. Bird Sounds playbacks trill so realistically, that we advice you not to use this app outdoors without your headphones on. Who knows, how would birds regard trills of their relatives! Each bird folder includes 10 sound tiles, including song, subsong, alarm, call, juvenile, and even flight sound. You can choose each of them as a phone call or SMS ringtone.

Not to confuse other birds, it would be better to use the glossary, when you have some rest on a meadow. It contains comprehensive compilation of knowledge about these beautiful creatures as well as their names in English and Scientific Latin tongue. Developers took care to make descriptions obtainable for almost anyone and translated them into 23 main languages of Europe and Asia.

It would be also very nice if developers manage to add videos with featured birds. They could at least add corresponding YouTube links to the descriptions.

Security 10/10

This application doesn’t require any specific access to personal data. The only access root is used for sharing articles via E-mail and social networks, but there were no complaints about it in the community so far.

In-app purchases

The free version of Bird Sounds app provides a beginner database of 25 birds. So, to have a full guide to European birds’ life you have to purchase the full ads-free application.

The Verdict

All in all, Bird Sounds is an absolutely unique application for Windows Mobile. Developers managed to endow it with quality professional sound recordings, photographs, and relevant encyclopedic articles. Bird lovers must have this app right now!


  • The biggest bird sounds database for Windows Mobile
  • High-quality audio
  • Sharable articles
  • All features for one purchase.


  • Last update came in 2016
  • No social applications integrated
  • It lacks videos with birds.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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