Blood Pressure Pro

Text Keep track of your blood pressure readings * Quick and easy entering of readings. * Meaningful statistical evaluation * Graphical visualization * Live Tile support * Send readings by email * Morning and evening readings can be separated More Features: * Color-highlighting for high or critical values * Optional comments for each reading * Edit or delete old readings * Customizable (daytimes, critical levels) * Help pages * Minimal phone rights required (no GPS, no identity, …) Please Note: This app does not measure blood pressure because this is NOT POSSIBLE with a smart phone (you need an inflatable cuff). It is for keeping track of readings made with a stand-alone blood pressure meter. Note (February 2019): Microsoft has ended access to OneDrive for old apps. Therefore, no backups/restore and no Excel/ODS export is possible anymore. I updated the app to reenable these features locally on your phone which requires a technology update from WP8.0 to 8.1 After some discussion with Microsoft support I learned that the store doesn't support this kind of updates anymore. This means I can't get the update to you :-( I'm deeply sorry that these features will remain broken because Microsoft support for Windows Phone has ended! New in Version 3.1: * Distribution with percentage and change * Distribution: Tap Sys/Dia/Pulse to get details * Add/edit reading: ask if really cancel New in Version 3.0: * General redesign (horizontal pivot) * New critical/high/…distribution graph * New min/average/max analysis * Stats filter by time range and daytime * Settings for colors in trend and analysis * Comment field optimized for long texts * Added news & tips section New in Version 2.0: * SkyDrive support for Backup&Restore, ODS/Excel-Export * Live Tile support * Morning/Evening attribute * Graph customizable (x-scale, daytime) * Values by email can be filtered by daytime * Added settings and help pages New in Version 1.1: * Scrolling in graph to show older data * Direct link to rate this app
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Published 5/16/2013
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