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Crisp CEO believes we can beat online hate speech, terrorist content, and fake news

Social media has become darker, uglier, and meaner in recent years. It may be wrecking our mental health, destroying our politics, and tearing at the social fabric. Adam Hildreth, founder and CEO of social media risk management firm Crisp, believes it doesn’t have to be that way. Hildreth argues that the tools exist to save…


YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to promote tickets for live shows below artists’ videos

While Spotify, Apple Music, and similar audio-streaming services are popular conduits for finding new (and old) music, YouTube is often the first port of call for those seeking a little visual stimulation to go with their tunes. YouTube, it is fair to say, is a major destination for music fans around the world, and as…


To fight fake news, EU calls on public and experts to help design a strategy

Faced with the tidal wave of fake news and phony propaganda unleashed by social media, the European Union has launched an effort to define the problem and identify strategies to address it. In an announcement today , the EU unveiled a process through which the public can submit comments about their experience with fake news….


YouTube to crack down on inappropriate content masked as kids’ cartoons

Enlarge (credit: YouTube, CarrotShaker ) Recent news stories and blog posts highlighted the underbelly of YouTube Kids, Google’s children-friendly version of the wide world of YouTube. While all content on YouTube Kids is meant to be suitable for children under the age of 13, some inappropriate videos using animations, cartoons, and child-focused keywords manage to…


Why AI and Viztech hold the key to a safer internet

Online media companies are chasing their tails when it comes to policing terrorist material, and other dangerous and offensive content. But there is artificial intelligence-based technology out there that can spot it before it goes live, says David Fulton, CEO of WeSee. Leading figures in both government and academia have been focused on a common…


Amazon made a budget Fire TV Stick for the rest of the world

Amazon has unveiled the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition in over 100 countries including Canada, France, Italy and Spain. It costs €60 in Europe, but has been temporarily marked down to €40 for Prime customers. Amazon recently launched Prime Video around the world (both with and without the regular Prime service), so the device is…


YouTube Kids update gives kids their own profiles, expands controls

 YouTube Kids, the kid-friendly, more filtered version of YouTube first introduced in 2015, is getting a notable upgrade. The updated app is adding several new features designed to reflect the app’s now aging user base, including profiles that are customized based on the kid’s date of birth, as well as additional security controls for parents…

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Elgato’s 4K60 Pro unlocks 4K footage for YouTube and Twitch creators

Elgato is ready to jumpstart the 4K-content revolution for YouTube and Twitch creators with its newly announced 4K60 Pro capture card . This is a new PCIe component that enables your PC to record video at 2160p (4K UHD) and 60 frames per second. It will launch November 21 for $400. This is an important…