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May Mobility is a self-driving startup with a decade of experience

 May Mobility is a startup making its official debut at Y Combinator’s demo day on Monday, focused on offering autonomous driving technology that companies with commercial fleets will be able to use in the near-term, not a decade from now. But the startup, while young, actually has a decade of experience, thanks to a team…


Japan launches advanced GPS satellite

(Reuters) — Japan on Saturday launched an H-2A rocket carrying a geo-positioning satellite into orbit after a week-long delay, the government said. The launch of Japan’s third geo-positioning satellite is part of its plan to build a version of the U.S. global positioning system (GPS) to offer location information used for autopiloting and possible national…


Elon Musk is back to taking fans' ideas to make Tesla ownership even better

Read more… {“player”:{“description”:”Model 3’s base model will cost $35,000.”,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/yxl_1Edyy7rObG0Nx_7sHOpwlh4=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2017%2F7%2F8362dad2-0c42-e9ef%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”V4l95L6lgK”,”preload”:false,”title”:”Tesla’s first sleek Model 3s are on the road”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/7/58cf754c-7cfe-f190/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/7/58cf754c-7cfe-f190/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/7/58cf754c-7cfe-f190/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/7/58cf754c-7cfe-f190/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/7/58cf754c-7cfe-f190/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:V4l95L6lgK/embed/?player=offsite&utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/07/29/tesla-model-3-first-look/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-Tech-Partial”,”date”:”2017-07-29T16:51:34.335Z”,”bp_id”:52863,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,news,cars,mashable-video,newsy,tesla,elon musk,future,future tech,standalone-featured,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,real time video,elon musk tesla,real time news”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,news,cars,mashable-video,newsy,tesla,elon musk,future,future tech,standalone-featured,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,real time video,elon musk tesla,real time news”,”videoSeriesName”:null}} More about Twitter , Tesla , Crowdsourcing , Tech , and Transportation Read full post on mashable.com


Former Uber CEO Kalanick calls Benchmark Capital lawsuit a ‘public and personal attack’

(Reuters) — The ousted chief executive of Uber called a lawsuit filed against him by one of the company’s top investors a “public and personal attack” without merit, according to court documents filed late on Thursday. Venture capital firm Benchmark Capital, which says it owns 13 percent of Uber and controls 20 percent of the…

Start Ups

‘Airbnb for boats’ startup Boatsetter buys competitor Boatbound

 You don’t have to be rich or T-Pain to be “on a boat”. You can rent one plus a captain for the day from Boatsetter. And now it’s got boats in over 300 locations around the U.S. since it just acquired rival maritime marketplace Boatbound. Boatsetter will be taking select talent from Boatbound plus logistics…


Future Mobility raises $200 million for electric car development

(Reuters) — Chinese electric-car venture Future Mobility Corp, co-founded by former BMW and Nissan Motor executives, has raised $200 million from investors including China’s Suning and Fullshare Holdings in its latest round of financing. Most of the money will be used for product development, said Daniel Kirchert, Future Mobility’s president. He has previously worked at…


Ofo comes to the US, joining the bike-share fray in Seattle

 Seattle seems like an unlikely venue for a duel between bike-sharing companies: it’s rainy, hilly, its residents can’t drive and another bike-share program recently went belly-up publicly and ignominiously. But Ofo, one of several Chinese giants in the space, is the third company to launch in the city in a month. It’s the company’s first…


DoorDash trials food delivery via Marble’s autonomous robots

DoorDash is doubling down on its efforts to embrace robots and enhance its on-demand food delivery service. The San Francisco-based company is partnering with robotics startup Marble for a pilot program that will kick off initially in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marble began life in San Francisco in 2015, but only emerged out of…