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YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to promote tickets for live shows below artists’ videos

While Spotify, Apple Music, and similar audio-streaming services are popular conduits for finding new (and old) music, YouTube is often the first port of call for those seeking a little visual stimulation to go with their tunes. YouTube, it is fair to say, is a major destination for music fans around the world, and as…


So long, paper tickets. Ticketmaster will soon let you check into events with a quick tap and go

Getting into live events could soon be a whole lot easier, thanks to a new Ticketmaster partnership. According to a report on VentureBeat, the ticket company is teaming up with Lisnr — an ultrasonic audio technology that sends data over inaudible sound waves called Smart Tones — to launch Presence, a new audio-based ticketing technology. SEE…


Ticketmaster will soon admit you to events using audio data transmitted from your phone

Ticketmaster will soon be able to admit you to live events and track your movement using nothing more than a discrete digital audio broadcast from your smartphone. The ticketing giant has teamed up with Lisnr , a data-over-audio company that uses an ultrasonic sound technology it calls “smart tones” to transmit information between devices. There are…