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You're a self-aware vacuum-cleaner robot in this adorable new video game

Smart appliances are becoming more and more part of our lives, but what if one of them becomes self-aware? What if your Roomba develops a consciousness, emotions, feelings and all of that?  That’s the concept behind Rumu, the debut adventure game by Robot House, a small Sydney-based team of developers.  As the emotionally packed trailer…


Here's the Best Deal We've Seen On Netgear's Battery-Powered Arlo Security Cameras

Netgear’s new Arlo home security system is a lot like Nest Cam, except the cameras can run off battery power, so you really can stick them anywhere. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, Amazon will sell you a refurbished 5-camera starter kit for $360. Read more… Read full post on Gizmodo.com


Nest integration with Google Assistant will allow Chromecasting of security footage and more

When Nest launched its new hardware last month , the company said that it would be integrating them with Google Assistant to provide users with additional intelligence from their home cameras, doorbells, and thermostats. Now we have some new details about how that connection will work, and it’s clear that people will be able to…