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Signal for Android now circumvents censorship in Cuba and Oman

Open Whisper Systems, the company that makes the Signal encrypted messaging app and that contributed to the encryption in Facebook-owned WhatsApp, today updated its Signal app for Android with the ability to avoid being censored in two more countries: Cuba and Oman. Last week the company did something similar in Egypt and the United Arab…


Car Hacking Is a Thing, but Are You Really in Danger?

With modern cars becoming more connected, with smarter features, hacking is a real danger. It’s rare, but it’s already happening. We’re not in the “stop your engine” world yet, but it’s easy to break into a car with keyless entry and steal everything inside without the owner ever knowing the car was unlocked. Read more……


Apple gives app makers more time to switch to HTTPS connection

Earlier this year, Apple required all app developers to switch on App Transport Security by January 1st, 2017. The feature (introduced with iOS 9 back in 2015) would have boosted apps’ security, since it forces them to connect to the internet over HTTPS. Unfortunately, not everyone took advantage of the feature, and Google even released…

Start Ups

Wallarm Gets $2.3M For Real Time Attack Blocking

Menlo Park-based Wallarm, a developer of cybersecurity tools used for blocking and responding to attacks on web applications, as well as uncovering vulnerabilities, disclosed this week that it has raised $2.3M in a funding round. The funding came from Partech Ventures and Gagarin Capital. READ MORE>> Read full post on silicontap.com


It Looks Like the San Francisco Muni Hack Was Worse Than We Thought

This weekend, San Francisco’s Municipal Railway was savaged by hackers demanding over $70,000 in bitcoins, leaving the metro system unable to collect fares. But the hack may be much more devastating for the transit agency, according to a list of servers allegedly compromised by the hackers and obtained by Gizmodo. Read more… Read full post…


Hedgehog-Based Authentication Is the Only Way to Be Truly Secure

Come up with a password, they’ll crack it. Program a key card, they’ll hack it. Tie your identity to a DNA sequence and Russian black hats will break into your bedroom while you’re sleeping and steal all your blood. In the end, there’s only one truly unbreakable security measure: Atelerix albiventris, the humble… Read more……