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Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 ships on November 16: 13.5-inch for $1,499 and 15-inch for $2,499

Microsoft today unveiled the Surface Book 2, available for the first time in two sizes: a 13.5-inch, like its predecessors, starting at $1,499 and a new 15-inch, the largest Surface laptop yet, starting at $2,499. Both feature up to 17 hours of battery life, a USB-C port, and the latest 8th-generation Intel Quad-Core processors. Surface…

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Conjuring Divinity: Original Sin 2 on my smartphone is why I love PC gaming

I spent Sunday playing the PC role-playing game Divinity: Original Sin 2 — except I wasn’t anywhere near my desktop. Instead, I was playing the excellent fantasy adventure on my smartphone with an Xbox One controller. I was able to do this thanks to a handful of magical technologies and the open nature of the…

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CD Projekt Red addresses Cyberpunk 2077 and employee morale

The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red wants you to know that it’s all good. In this case, “it” refers to both its Cyberpunk 2077 role-playing game and the morale of its development team. The company said it felt compelled to make this comment after news got out about a series of negative reviews on…

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A Mortician’s Tale dissects the stigma of death

A Mortician’s Tale is a game about death, but it’s anything but morbid. Instead, it seeks to normalize death and to lift the stigma of talking about how different people deal with it. It’s Canadian indie studio Laundry Bear Games ‘ debut, and it’s available on October 18 for PC and Mac. You play as…

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Battlefield 1 tackles amphibious ops with December’s Turning Tides expansion

Despite what Steven Spielberg would have you believe, he did not invent storming beaches during war. World War I featured multiple operations that involved land and sea, and those conflicts are making their way into Electronic Arts’ and DICE’s Battlefield 1 shooter as part of the Turning Tides expansion due out in December and January….

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Overwatch now has 35 million players for Blizzard’s online team shooter

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that its team-based shooter Overwatch has passed the 35 million players mark. Overwatch launched in May 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Overwatch hit the 30 million player milestone in April . Blizzard’s number is for total players, not active ones. So 5 million people bought Overwatch in about the…

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RumbleMonkey expands beta to let Hearthstone gamers compete for real money

RumbleMonkey  has created a platform that let gamers play their favorite games like Blizzard’s Hearthstone for real money winnings. And today, the company is opening up its beta test to allow more Hearthstone players to join the action. Seattle-based RumbleMonkey is betting that esports competition gets more interesting when the stakes are higher. The new…

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole review — better combat saves the day

REVIEW: South Park: The Stick of Truth was one of the best licensed games I’ve ever played. The turn-based role-playing adventure perfectly captured the look and humor of the cartoon. I can say the same for its sequel, The Fractured but Whole, which comes out on October 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC….

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VR modder re-creates Sonic the Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone

Of all the many platforming heroes we’d love to bring to VR, we have to admit Sonic the Hedgehog wasn’t one we’d previously considered. As we all know, Sega’s Blue Bullet has gotta go fast, a little too fast for VR comfort levels. That hasn’t stopped a fan from making an unofficial version of the…


Oculus’ Nate Mitchell: VR ‘expectations got ahead of themselves’

Nate Mitchell is one of the Oculus co-founders and continues to be a key leader at Facebook defining the product strategy for VR going forward. While he works closely with the Rift team, he’s also keenly aware of VR’s evolution over the last five years as he’s part of a small group of Oculus executives…