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Two global investors will talk token sales at Disrupt Berlin

 Token sales, also called ICOs, are the new normal when it comes to early stage cash. Originally envisioned as a way to create new and unique rails for payments, customer interaction, and peer-to-peer networking the token is now both an integral part of most companies and a great way to fund a great (or awful)…


The makers of the Solarin secure cellie are building a bitphone

 Bitcoin-powered cellphones — basically phones that can securely hold and send cryptocurrencies — have long been a fascinating if undeveloped concept in the crypto community. When phones talk to each other using BTC or other currencies — whether it’s to pay bills or send money to friends — you open up an interesting world of…


The iPhone 8 retakes ‘best camera’ crown from Android, says DxO

The iPhone may have sparked the mobile photography revolution, but Android devices have matched or surpassed Apple’s offering for several years now – at least according to metrics like DxOMark’s intensive camera testing. Now Apple’s fighting back. The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus surpass Android scores for the first time in a few years,…


Zelle, the U.S. banks’ Venmo rival, will launch its mobile app next week

 Zelle, the PayPal rival backed by over 30 U.S. banks, is preparing to launch its standalone mobile app on Monday, September 12th. The move is meant to give the U.S. banking industry a foothold in the person-to-person payments business, where they’re losing ground to services like PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, and very soon, Apple’s iMessage,…

Start Ups

Basis Set Ventures gets real to get to the heart of AI startups

 Lan Xuezhao has spent the last few months pulling together $136 million for her new machine intelligence-focused venture capital fund, Basis Set Ventures. I met Xuezhao for tea on a park bench in Potrero Hill earlier this week to chat about her strategy for the fund. Read More Read full post on techcrunch.com