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Preview Skype's controversial millennial-inspired redesign on desktop

Skype released its redesigned mobile app this June in what was its biggest update since adding video calls in 2006. Microsoft announced today that those changes are now available on desktop. SEE ALSO: Instagram just launched live video chat — and everyone else can watch It’s currently in preview for Mac and non-Windows 10 PC…


Does Microsoft’s new patent mean you’re finally getting a Surface Phone?

Microsoft Surface Phone rumors have been swirling around the Internet for almost two years and a new patent for “a force sensitive device ” looks like long-sought after proof that, yes, Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone. Except that’s not exactly what the patent means and, if we’re being honest with ourselves, Microsoft will…


HashiCorp and Microsoft team up on Terraform infrastructure provisioning

EXCLUSIVE: HashiCorp and Microsoft announced today that the two organizations will be working together on integrating the popular Terraform infrastructure management software with the Azure cloud platform. It’s a move by Microsoft that could help with adoption of its cloud platform, especially by enterprises that are the bread and butter of the tech giant’s customer…

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Crackdown 3 delay means Microsoft has just one big new game this holiday

The next Crackdown will not hit PC and Xbox One until 2018. Microsoft has delayed its open-world action shooter to next year to ensure it can produce a high-quality single-player and multiplayer product. That’s a bummer for Crackdown fans who have waited since the original (the sequel was disappointing) for a worthy successor. But by…


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Microsoft using artificial intelligence to teach a machine to stay aloft

Microsoft’s autonomous glider soars through the air above Hawthorne, Nev. Once airborne, the glider uses artificial intelligence to find and rely on thermals, or columns of air that rise due to heat, to stay aloft. (Microsoft Photo / John Brecher) Paying attention to the “rise of the machines” increasingly means scanning the skies for things…


Microsoft announces serverless event routing service to connect applications

Microsoft has made another move to capitalize on the burgeoning trend of serverless computing, with the announcement of a new cloud service designed to help companies build applications that act in response to events. Called Event Grid, the new service provides a tool that facilitates the passing of event data between applications and allows those…


Microsoft launches Azure Event Grid, a fully managed event routing service

 Microsoft announced a new product in its Azure line-up in preview today that will make it easier for developers to build event-based applications. The Azure Event Grid makes events (like uploading a picture or video, clicking a button, updating a database, etc.) first-class Azure objects. Event Grid complements Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft’s…


Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing

 Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Cycle Computing, a twelve-year-old Connecticut-based company that focuses on helping enterprises orchestrate high-performance computing jobs, large data workloads and other “big computing” jobs in the cloud. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Read More Read full post on techcrunch.com


Microsoft acquires cloud startup Cycle Computing, will integrate HPC tech into Azure

Microsoft today announced it has acquired cloud orchestration startup Cycle Computing . The company said it plans to integrate the high-performance computing (HPC) technology into Azure. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Microsoft describes Cycle Computing as “a leader in cloud computing orchestration” that has “years of experience with the world’s largest supercomputers.”…