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3 Razer Phone ‘gaming’ features that everyone will love

Razer is always trying to present itself as something much bigger than a gaming-peripheral manufacturer. The company wants to establish itself as a lifestyle brand for gamers. That has led to its broadcasting products , a suite of awesome laptops , and more. But no piece of technology is as ingrained in our lives as…


Google promises a software fix for the Pixel 2’s buzzing phone call problem in ‘the coming weeks’

 Google’s hardware team can’t catch a break this year. In spite of solid reviews (us included), the company’s new Pixel 2 handsets have been plagued by glitches, including a buzzing sound heard in the ear piece during phone calls. A company rep issued a short response to a lengthy thread about the problem on Google’s Pixel…


The Loop: How a gadget entrepreneur hopes to beat tech giants in the hardware game

FEATURE: Launching a new gadget in this era of consumer electronics is both seductive and scary. While the changing economics of manufacturing and the explosion of connectivity has created a massive opportunity for hardware startups, tech giants have come stampeding into the market with big budgets and ambitious plans. Amid this groundswell of startups on…


Google’s Chatbase bot analytics platform opens to all

Google’s chatbot analytics platform is now open to everyone, more than six months after its quiet debut during the company’s I/O developer conference. Called Chatbase , it’s intended to help developers better analyze and optimize their bots so they can improve conversion rates and accuracy — and avoid having users feel bots are useless. Anyone…


Google launches a paid enterprise edition of its Dialogflow chatbot builder

 Google today announced the beta launch of its enterprise edition of Dialogflow, its tool for building chatbots and other conversational applications. In addition, Dialogflow (both in its free and enterprise version) is now getting built-in support for speech recognition, something that developers previously had to source through the Google Cloud Speech API or similar services….


Google Docs went down and oh man people freaked

A collective scream was heard across the internet Wednesday, as scores of people were faced with the same shocking truth: Google Docs was down.  Docs, part of a suite of Google products, appeared to experience outages Wednesday afternoon — with Down Detector reporting widespread problems with Google Drive across the U.S. SEE ALSO: The secret,…


Google Docs is down for some, and users are not impressed (Updated)

The internet expressed outrage today over the fact that Google Docs was temporarily down. According to people on Twitter and also DownDetector.com , the popular document software didn’t work as intended, but Google’s G Suite dashboard initially didn’t indicate any problems until recently, suggesting an update was forthcoming. Naturally, people weren’t really pleased by the temporary…