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Put Your USB Battery Packs to Use This Winter With a Heated Base Layer

Warmth on demand isn’t just science fiction anymore. Polar Seal clothes give you the ability to add even more warmth to your winter layers with built-in warming elements, powered by any standard USB battery pack. The two heating zones and three heating levels are controlled by the waterproof buttons on your wrist. … Read more……


Facebook adds eBay’s Daily Deals to its Marketplace on mobile

 Facebook is again getting into the daily deals space, this time in collaboration with eBay. The company has launched a new feature within its Marketplace section on its mobile app, where a selection of inventory from eBay’s Daily Deals program is now available. The deals can be shopped directly in Facebook’s app, but checkout takes…

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Seattle ad tech firm Mixpo acquired by ‘brand-to-local’ marketing company Netsertive

Netsertive CEO Brendan Morrissey (left) and Mixpo CEO Charlie Tillinghast (Netsertive photo) When Mixpo entered into a partnership with Netsertive last year, the two companies had no idea that it would end in a formal marriage. But that’s what is happening today as North Carolina-based Netsertive — a leader in the emerging field of “brand-to-local…