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Facebook buys popular teen polling app 'tbh'

In another bid to establish a deeper connection with young’uns who might just see Facebook as a way to communicate with grandma, the social network has snapped up “tbh.” It’s an app targeting American teens that focuses on positive interactions with friends online. Facebook likely took notice, because the application (according to the company’s post…


Third-party Twitter client Twitterrific is back on macOS

Twitterrific has been through quite a few iterations.The Iconfactory’s first third-party Twitter client originally launched for Mac then languished (thanks in part to Twitter’s user caps ) while the company focused all its efforts on an iOS version . That was pretty sad for the company that originated the term “Tweet.” In February of this…

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Working Geek: Swatee Surve’s startup uses video games to help people manage chronic health conditions

Litesprite founder and CEO Swatee Surve. (Litesprite Photo) Swatee Surve is reimagining the way patients manage chronic health conditions and keep their healthcare providers up-to-date. That’s the mission of her startup, Litesprite , which helps users manage illnesses with video games. Surve spent years in corporate research labs for companies like Nike and Microsoft, where…


Steven Soderbergh's 'Mosaic' app lets you choose a show's narrative

Many TV shows have apps, but they’re usually meant as nothing more than companions that encourage you to tune in. What if you could actually choose how the story is presented? Steven Soderbergh is trying just that. His upcoming HBO miniseries Mosaic will be accompanied by iOS app that gives you control over a branching…


You can now assign Google Home speakers to specific rooms

Now that Google is poised to have multiple Home speakers in its lineup, you’re going to need a better way to manage those speakers — and thankfully, it’s already here. Google has revamped the Home app (currently just the Android version) with not only a fresh look, but support for assigning speakers to specific rooms….