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In an open letter to Jeff Bezos, civic groups call for a more transparent Amazon HQ2 selection

While mayors and governors across the U.S. are eager to show constituents that they’re willing to fight tooth and nail to secure Amazon’s HQ2 , some groups are asking local politicians to pump the breaks. This morning, 73 civic groups from 21 states around the country released an open letter called “Our HQ2 Wishlist ”…


Teens Can Now Have Their Own Amazon Accounts 

Traditionally, teenagers who needed to buy notebooks or new sneakers on Amazon either had to ask their parents to do it for them, or log onto their parents’ account, where Mom and Dad’s viewing history would be on full display (“Fifty Shades Darker? Eww, Mother!”) Amazon never really had clear rules regarding a… Read more……


This One-Day Amazon Sale Will Give You The Right Socks, Underwear, and More For Your Workout

Whether it’s a knee brace, compression shorts, or a ventilated duffel bag, this Amazon Gold Box is a god send for those of us that work out. Get the no-show socks you need, or that ankle brace you’ve been needing, even moisture-wicking boxers briefs. Though, if you need to stock up, you’d better do it…