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Beyoncé Startup, Beyoncé Startup, Beyoncé Startup

Hold up, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is now a tech investor! Bey has invested $150,000 into a startup called Sidestep as part of her management company, Parkwood Entertainment. That’s not a ton of cash, but it’s at least enough to pay a few telephone bills, to say nothing of those pesky startup automo’ bills. It… Read…

Start Ups

Vegan Mayo Startup Paid Contractors to Buy Its Culinary Abomination

Hampton Creek is a Silicon Valley startup that sells, among other products, an eggless mayonnaise substitute called Just Mayo . The company reportedly had some surprising “customers,” however: people it paid to buy the product. Oh, Silicon Valley. Always looking to disrupt the natural order of things. Read more… Read full post on

Start Ups

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Banned From Operating a Lab for Two Years

The hammer has finally dropped on blood-testing startup Theranos and its beleaguered CEO Elizabeth Holmes. US federal health regulators have announced their decision to ban Holmes from operating a lab for two years, while withdrawing regulatory approval for its California lab. Read more… Read full post on