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Enterprise AI needs high data quality to succeed

There’s no doubt that AI has usurped big data as the enterprise technology industry’s favorite new buzzword. After all, it’s on Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for emerging technologies, for a reason. While progress was slow during the first few decades, AI advancement has rapidly accelerated during the last decade. Some people say AI will augment humans and…


New ‘Chemical Surgery’ Technique Repairs Mutations in Human Embryos

For the first time, a research team from China used a new technique to fix a blood disorder in human embryos. The scientists performed “chemical surgery”—a procedure that rewrites errors in genetic code instead of snapping and replacing strands of faulty DNA, which is the central strategy employed by the CRISPR gene… Read more… Read…


Harvey's Floodwaters Could Pose Serious Health Hazards

Extreme rainfall and flooding from Hurricane Harvey has left thousands in Houston and surrounding communities stranded. Some parts of the city have experienced over 40 inches of rain , and forecasters say that number is expected to rise over the coming days. Currently, the storm has repositioned itself in the Gulf of… Read more… Read…