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Gaming-as-a-Service doesn’t have to mean more crunch time

GUEST: The game development industry has been going through a lot of change, and there is more to come. The dramatic growth in indie games and developers — including hits like Minecraft and Bastion — has cleaved the game industry in two. There are larger audiences than ever for smaller, more experimental games like Her Story, and…

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Brianna Wu appalled at FBI’s #GamerGate investigative report

The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed a heavily redacted report on its investigation into the #GamerGate controversy, where female game developers and critics received multiple death threats for being outspoken about diversity issues. The FBI released the 173-page report under a Freedom of Information Act request, but most of the details, including the identity of people…

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Building a local Steam caching server to ease the bandwidth blues

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) If you play games on PC, where God intended them to be played, chances are you’ve got Steam installed. Since its troubled launch in 2003, Valve’s publishing platform has gone from a thing we had to grudgingly put up with in order to play Half Life 2 to the most popular…