Author: VentureBeat


Twitter nabs exclusive global rights to livestream some PGA Tour golf coverage for free

Twitter has signed a deal to broadcast more than 70 hours of live PGA Tour golf coverage from across 31 tournaments in the remaining 2016-2017 season. You may remember that back in August PGA Tour tested a global livestream  of the FedexCup Playoffs on both Twitter and Facebook. Well, Twitter is now taking things to the next…


ChargePoint claims it can speed up electric car charging by 800%

ChargePoint is launching its ChargePoint Express Plus platform for charging electric cars, promising to make charging as much as eight times faster. The company says it will be able to add hundreds of miles of range with just 10 to 15 minutes of charging. Campbell, Calif.-based ChargePoint made the announcement at CES 2017, the big…


Apple says New Year’s Day was biggest day ever for App Store, with $240 million in sales

The Apple App Store saw a record day for revenues on January 1, with customers racking up almost $240 million in sales. December was also a bumper month with $3 billion in sales, according to a press release , with Super Mario Run alone notching up 40 million downloads in the four days following its…


AMD unwraps its Vega graphics architecture with promise of rich, lavish virtual worlds

Advanced Micro Devices has unveiled the first details of its next-generation graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture, dubbed Vega, that will serve as the heart of the PC 3D graphics chips that AMD introduces in the next year or two. The first chips based on the Vega architecture are expected to debut in the first half…


With Kodakit, Kodak wants to create the ‘photography ecosystem of the future’

Former camera giant Kodak is setting out to create what it calls “the photography ecosystem of the future,” with the global launch of a new on-demand photography service that connects photographers with brands. The Kodakit service launched in Singapore last March , but at CES in Las Vegas this week Kodak announced that Kodakit is…


Ambarella unveils 4K and 8K imaging chips for cars, drones, VR, and sports cameras

Ambarella has carved out a niche in video compression and image processing chips, generating $100 million a quarter in revenue. And today, the company is launching three new chips that will bring next-generation imaging features to cars, drones, virtual reality, and sports cameras. Santa Clara, Calif.-based Ambarella showed off the three new chips at CES…


HR software startup Namely raises $50 million

Namely , which aims to make human resources software more user-friendly, today announced funding of $50 million. The New York-based startup targets mid-sized companies, which typically have 100 to 1,000 employees. “A few years ago, I noticed that all mid-sized companies had one thing in common,” founder and CEO Matt Straz told VentureBeat in an interview….