Author: Gizmodo


Today's Solar Eclipse Left a Path of Nightmarish Traffic in Its Wake

For months, even years, amateur astronomers, photographers, and anyone wanting the best possible view of today’s solar eclipse have been planning trips into the phenomenon’s path of totality. Now that it’s over, all that’s left are millions of grainy Instagram photos—and a traffic nightmare that traces the same path… Read more…


Chemical Compound That Gives Poop Its Stink Extends Healthy Lifespan in Animals

Indole, an organic chemical compound that’s found in our gut and contributes to the smell of poop, increases the healthy lifespan of worms, flies, and mice, according to new research. Scientists say this likely applies to humans as well, and that this stinky substance could eventually be used to delay age-related… Read more…


Android 'O' Is Officially Called Oreo, But When Will Your Phone Get It?

After being made available to developers back in March, and then more broadly through a public beta in May, the eighth major release of the Android operating system finally arrives today with Google revealing that the mysterious ‘O’ actually stands for Oreo: a sandwich cookie suffering from a terrible identity crisis … Read more… Read…